Acne inversa treatment in the WCC-WoundCareCentres

As specialised outpatient care facilities with the highest hygienic standards, we have been treating and caring for patients with acne inversa of all degrees of severity in our WoundCareCentres at 15 locations in Germany since 2017.

Acne inversa (Ai) is one of the skin diseases that, depending on its severity, leads to considerable restrictions in the quality of life of those affected.

You can find more information about acne inversa on this page, under the following link.

What are the treatment options for acne inversa?

Depending on the severity of the disease, different treatment methods are considered. These include traction ointments, topical (i.e. externally applied) antibiotics, systemic antibiotic administration (oral or intravenous), modulation of the immune system by means of biologics, removal of individual inflammations or laser ablation of the superficial tissue layers.

In very severe cases (Hurley II and III), methods of radical surgical removal of the affected tissue are also used, i.e. it is surgically removed over a large area.

Newer therapy methods such as LAight therapy, a non-invasive, non-surgical, gentle combination therapy of light and radio frequency, can help reduce inflammation, prevent it from forming again and make the tissue more supple.

This can lead to a prevention of the progression of the disease as well as to the abatement of symptoms and thus contribute to an improved quality of life.

What advantages do the WCC-WoundCareCentres offer in the treatment of acne inversa?

Holistic care is at the forefront of our treatment. This means that we work with you to find and implement solutions for your individual challenges according to the latest standards.

In collaboration with our medical cooperation partners, we accompany you from diagnosis to therapy. We support you in the daily challenges of dealing with your illness. We are here for you if you need individual counselling and care to support you in improving your quality of life. If wound care is appropriate, we will work with you to create an individual treatment plan with targeted measures. This is the case, for example, with open abscesses, open healing wounds after surgical tissue removal, but also already with spontaneous pus discharge and associated odour formation. In this case, measures such as wound cleansing, dressings that promote wound healing and wound coverings can be used, which are adapted to the localisation, discharge quantity (exudate quantity), skin condition and adhesion to the skin.

In addition, we offer Laight-therapy in the WoundCareCentres as well as the care of post-operative wounds and open lesions. Further therapy options are available in cooperation with specialists. We always take a holistic view of the patient and can also address any aggravating factors of acne inversa. 

What can I expect at the WCC-WoundCareCentre?

At your first appointment, you will receive a consultation and information session with the responsible medical cooperation partner. The focus is on confirming your acne inversa diagnosis and discussing your needs and expectations. Based on your needs, individual local therapeutic and supportive measures will be planned with you in the therapeutic team.

Patient voices:

Myriam S. from Neuss

I got my first abscesses when I was about 12 years old, unfortunately with a misdiagnosis. I was always told they were sweat gland abscesses: [...] In the end, it was an orthopaedist who diagnosed acne inversa around 2007. For me as a person affected, I find it a great support that the treating specialists of the WCC-WoundCareCenter advise me so humanely and sympathetic. The friendliness and respectful treatment make it easier for me to go to the treatments and above all that I feel understood. That is worth a lot. Without the LAight-therapy I would have been in hospital a long time ago. I get my relapses under control quickly, some permanent "building sites" become fewer and new sites heal faster. I am much more hopeful as the treatment also reduces my anxiety.

Iris B. from Mönchengladbach

I was first treated for acne inversa in 1989 and had surgery on both armpits and groin. Unfortunately, it took a total of 30 years before I received the official diagnosis. I became aware of Laight-therapy about a year ago through the internet. A short time later I also found out where I could get the therapy and since then I have been undergoing treatment at the WCC-WoundCareCenter Düsseldorf. Before, I was often tired, exhausted and had movement restrictions at work. Today I can say that thanks to the Laight-therapy I can work again without restrictions and that I feel very well since I have been treated at the WoundCareCenter.

Comprehensive information on acne inversa and Laight-therapy in the WCC-WoundCareCentres can be found in this German Ai-brochure. WZ LAight Broschüre (PDF 3.2 MB)

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Would you like to find out about LAight-therapy in the WCC-WoundCareCentres in advance? Then call our hotline with appropriately trained colleagues who can offer competent advice on all aspects of treatment in a WCC-WoundCareCentre for acne inversa. WCC-LAight-Hotline: 0211 - 513 621 163 0

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