Care aids for persons with care degree in the home environment

Every insured person with a care degree who is cared for and nursed at home is legally entitled to reimbursement for care aids worth up to 40 euros per month (as of April 2022). The care aids can be obtained via a so-called care box.

What is a care box and what are its advantages?

The term care box is a simplified term for a package that is packed with various care aids. The Social Code (§ 40 SGB XI) stipulates that insured persons with a care degree are reimbursed up to € 40 per month for these care aids from product group 54 (as of April 2022).

What requirements must be met in order to apply for a care box?

There are two basic requirements that must be met in any case.

You have a care degree of level 1-5
You receive a care degree from your care insurance company, which is directly subordinate to your health insurance company.

You are looked after and cared for at home
You live at home or in an assisted living community and not in a nursing home. You are cared for by family members, for example.

Which care aids can be obtained via a care box?

  • Disposable gloves
  • Protective pads (single use)
  • Protective aprons (single and multiple use)
  • Mouth protection
  • Hand disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Finger cots
  • Furthermore, washable bed protection pads can be applied for at the nursing care insurance (PG51).

The care aids facilitate home care, allowing patients with a care degree to maintain a high standard of hygiene at home.

How do you obtain a care box?

There are various providers who offer a care box. You are welcome to ask your desired provider about the exact application process and approval.

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