Why WCC-WoundCareCenter? Because the aim is to improve the quality of wound treatment and ensure it is seamless.

In my clinical work, I became more and more aware of the extent of the care problems of severely healing wounds and the mismanagement of our health care system. I was no longer willing to accept this...


André Lantin, Managing Director of WCC-WoundCareCenter GmbH, has a practical background: In his clinical work, he repeatedly had to deal with patients with chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds. "Because of their wound healing disorders and the resulting pain, as well as the odor, they were often in despair," he recalls. He blamed two main causes for the serious problem of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds: inadequate structures in the healthcare system on the one hand, and gaps in the care process for affected patients on the other. Today, stationary wound treatment is usually limited to 1 to 2 weeks. Considerably too short! After all, several weeks or even months usually pass before the wound is properly healed. Lantin: "I no longer wanted to accept this".

As a first step, he attempted to obtain further specialized training in wound treatment, which went beyond the application of dressing materials to cover all areas of the treatment process. While working, he completed further training at Gerhard Kammerlander's ZWM Academy in Graz (Austria) to become a ZWM Certified Wound Manager ("the only manufacturer-independent, high-quality qualification in the German-speaking world for doctors and nursing staff at the time").

In 2008, he founded the company for care concepts in wound treatment (gvw GmbH). His goal: "the development of specialized, interdisciplinary care for patients with chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds by specialized nursing staff and medical specialists in outpatient focus practices." In the same year, the first certified WCC-WoundCareCenter in Germany opened under his leadership - the cornerstone for WCC-WoundCareCenter GmbH. Since 2018, Daniela Bopp has strengthened the management of WCC-WoundCareCenter and, together with André Lantin, continues to drive the development of the company.