Information for healthcare providers

In order to offer our patients the fullest and best possible care, the WCC-WoundCareCenters rely on a strong network of partners.

The treatment requirements for chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds are very high. This is true both in terms of professional cooperation between health care professions and for hygienic reasons. In view of the high treatment requirements, there is a lack of suitable forms of care, sufficiently qualified specialists, appropriate interprofessional cooperation, consistent handling of the hygienic challenges, and economical product use.

The use of products is strictly based on the product requirements for each wound healing phase, the situation and their contribution to achieving successful care.

WCC-WoundCareCenters are to be understood by the HHVG (Heil-Hilfsmittel-Versorgungs-Gesetz) as a separate service provider in the sense of the SGB V (German Social Code). Our services in the WCC-WoundCareCenters, as specialized facilities that have specialized in the treatment of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds, are claimed from the health insurance companies via § 37 paragraph 7 SGB V, on the basis of home health care. As early as 2008, the WCC-WoundCareCenters set themselves the goal of providing significantly improved outpatient and specialized wound treatment for patients with chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds, compared to the previous standard care, through cooperation in a specialized and interdisciplinary network.

In order to be able to offer our patients the best possible treatment and care, the WCC-WoundCareCenters rely on an effective and local network of co-therapists within the framework of case management. 

These include:

  • Medicine (outpatient): General practitioners, specialists
  • (esp. radiologists, angiologists, phlebologists, vascular surgeons, internists/diabetologists, dermatologists, nephrologists, etc.)
  • Medicine (inpatient): Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics
  • Nursing: nursing services, homes and other outpatient care facilities
  • Others: podiatrists, orthopedic shoemakers, physiotherapists and nutritionists

Patients who value our range of treatments and our multidisciplinary care sometimes travel long distances to be treated in our specialist practices. We would like to make it easier for them and open locations throughout Germany. In order to realize this goal and ensure the best possible treatment and care for our patients, additional locations will be opened throughout Germany in the coming years.