Your personal therapy

Every wound is different. That's why we plan every single step of the therapy process together with you and treat you individually with the most modern methods of wound treatment. Our specialized team takes care of your needs holistically and also coordinates closely with your family doctor, other specialists, nursing services and other service providers. In this way, hospital stays can often be avoided, or very specifically planned together with you.

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History & Diagnosis

img - Vorgeschichte und Diagnostik

The basis of optimal wound treatment is to find the decisive factors influencing the development of the wound and the healing process. Due to our specialization in wounds, we are very well versed in this field. We know which diagnostic measures are necessary in each individual case and initiate them in a targeted and consistent manner.

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Diagnosis & therapy planning

img - Diagnose und Therapieplanung

Based on a well-founded diagnosis by our experienced medical partners, an individual therapy plan is created for you. This includes, in addition to the actual wound treatment by us, the possible involvement of other health care providers. With our competent and humane advice, we help you to understand the therapy plan and support it within the scope of your possibilities.

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Wound cleansing, selection and recommendation of the right dressing/medical products and their professional and pain-avoiding application: Optimal wound treatment requires time, expertise and experience. Our specially trained WCC-WoundCare Nurses (ZWM/WM) take sufficient time for the patients' needs!

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Support & coordination

img - Unterstützung und Koordination

In addition, we support you in everything you need for the fastest possible treatment success. From comprehensive advice, to further measures, to the organization of treatment partners and appointments: We are there for you! Because for your optimal care, it is important that all those involved in the treatment (such as other specialists, nursing services, podiatrists, clinics - but also your family doctor) work together in a coordinated manner.

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Consulting & Support

img - Beratung und Begleitung

We advise you, educate you and accompany you even after the successful therapy. In this way, we help you to avoid a relapse. We coordinate aftercare and any further treatment that may be necessary. In addition, we will help you to help yourself: you will learn how nutrition, metabolic adjustment and lifestyle can prevent the recurrence of a chronic wound.