Diabetic Foot Syndrome

Diabetic foot syndrome includes all pathological changes in the diabetic foot which can be traced back to consequential damage caused by diabetes. Above all, neuropathy, ischemia or mixed forms are to be mentioned here.

As a complication, there may be lesions on the foot of the affected person. This can lead to a significantly reduced quality of life for the affected person. Delayed or ineffectively treated, they can lead to amputation of the affected limb.

Around 6 million people are undergoing treatment for diabetes. Exact figures on the frequency of diabetic foot ulcers are not available for Germany. Approximately 70% of all amputations in Germany are performed on diabetics. According to 2001 figures from the AOK, this amounts to more than 29,000 amputations per year.

Diabetisches Fußsyndrom

Diabetic patients with foot lesions are at increased risk for inflammation and limb amputation. This calls for a targeted use of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic measures. This includes an optimal organization of preventive measures, such as pressure relief and distribution, which are ensured by adequate shoe fitting and training measures. Infection-preventive measures, such as skin cleansing and care, as well as distinctive wound cleansing, are also of elementary importance. In addition, coordination between the various levels of care, for example diabetologist, wound center, podiatry and orthopedic technology, should always be balanced.