Welcome to WCC-WoundCareCenter Ingolstadt

We are your specialist in the outpatient treatment of chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area.

We take sufficient time for the needs of our patients. Please make an appointment by phone before your visit.

How to reach us:

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WCC-WoundCareCenter Ingolstadt

Levelingstr. 21
85049 Ingolstadt

Phone: 0841 - 967 735 99
Fax: 0841 - 981 708 77

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday
08:00 am – 05:00 pm
and by arrangement


From Ingolstadt main station you can reach the WCC-WoundCareCenter Ingolstadt with bus line 16, Geisenfeld direction Klinikum, bus stop “Klinikum”. From the central bus station (ZOB), bus lines 50 (direction Lippertshofen), 60 (direction Gerolfing), 65 (direction Tauberfeld), 70 (direction Klinikum) and 85 (direction Eitensheim) go to the WCC-WoundCareCenter Ingolstadt, bus stop “Klinikum”.

The bus stop is located directly at the stairway to the main entrance of the clinic.

Parking is available directly in front of the medical centre.

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The team of the WCC-WoundCareCenter Ingolstadt is there for you

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Lisa Schröder

Manager WCC-WoundCareCenter 


img - WZ-WundManager_Tatjana_Lich

Tatjana Lich

Clinical Manager WCC-WoundCare and Deputy Manager WCC-WoundCareCenter


img -Lisa_Reichler_WZ-Praxisassistenz

Lisa Reichler

WCC-Practise Assistant


Melanie Behrend

WCC-Practise Assistant